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Sci-Fi Title Sequences

Thanks Blastr.

This is an ace list of the finest opening sequences…sci-fi of course.

Be it Westeros in miniature, or Knightrider’s Moroder-esque synth theme music…these have been burned on in…


“The opening credit sequence is a very particular form of filmmaking: It’s got to convey the spirit of the TV show that’s gonna follow—while being all-purpose enough to work for any kind of episode—and it’s got to be instantly memorable. The best of them elevate the opening titles to its own form of art and here are 20 of the best.

Some of these are classics, oldies that feel from a time gone by but still remain part of our pop-cultural DNA. Others earn their stripes thanks to a piece of music that endures, that immediately conjures a sense of the mysterious or the adventurous. Others still have imagery so startling they work into the cortex like a virus.

And others are simply cool as heck…”


Have a look at all 20 here…



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