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The Gunseller Sound: Remote Control Soul

I was too young.

I was to white.

I was too New Jersey.

I just wasn’t something enough…to get it.  to dig it, to own it.

I couldn’t pull off funky.

Now, I’m not saying I can now…I’m not saying I’m Shaft (other people say it, I bet…)

But back then, this was going on.  This was (what’s) happening.

(Me? I wasn’t Roger, I wasn’t Rerun…I didn’t even pay rent.)

Now though,

because you can go back, back  and forth in time easy…you can remix re-edit and replay everything. re-discover…

Now, we can remember fresh.


We got soul, because there seems to be so little of it out there.

Be in a den.  Be in some lounge.  Be on some midnight soul train.  Be in a club that has no name,

an enormous silent bouncer in a black suit, chairs sofas and lamps from some future you are sure will come, speakers, sparkles and a sleaze that comes off as sexy.


oh, to download it…then play it…just click here first.





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