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Videos: Look who is in outer space…

Lando is cool.
Not up for debate….
You don’t really see him out with ladies or anything, but you get the sense that he does really well.

Billy Ocean however, who is also apparently in space, is so in love that he walks right into a beachside cave bar, steps to a room full of alien pirate-types and get’s his girl back. Then rides off on a horse.
Cloud City my ass.

Meanwhile, in a galactic soundstage far far away, rick springfield goes to a cryo-bank to get that human touch he craves (and we all crave) so badly. Galactica-esque drama ensues.


Also, there was trouble in the slave pits.  Rick/Space Spartacus handled it.  How does one overthrow lizard-like overlords?  By bopping till either they- or you…drop.

And you know this…SON.


…and while we are talking about Rick…uhm…it seems as though Frank Miller owes Richard S. a big big thank you…and perhaps a credit on both the Sin City comic books and the movie. Oh, you don’t believe me?

Celebrate THIS:

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